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Haunted Library Group 4

Haunted Library Group 4

When the lights go down and the library doors are locked, all isn’t as quiet as one may think. Whispers in the darkness, unexplained sights and sounds may appear. On October 18th the Marion County Public Library is opening their doors for a unique Halloween event experience.

You may encounter the ghost of Gertrude McKnight, a devoted strict librarian with an aversion to noise. Legend has it that you can hear her notorious shush and her anger at any unwanted noises.

Friday the 18th also marks the anniversary of the death of Clankers the Clown. Clankers was performing in the children’s room in the early 1950’s when a kid hurled a spit ball at Clankers. The spit ball caused him to lose his balance and collide with a shelf that unfortunately broke loose and crushed Clankers. On this night it is said that Clankers returns to finish his performance and seek revenge on the child who caused his untimely death. Will Clankers make a special appearance this night? Do you dare enter a 108 year old building with a lifetime of hauntings?

One night only- HAUNTED LIBRARY!   

You can register for a time slot to skip the rush! When the clock strikes midnight at October 1, you'll be able to register for a "fast pass" style ticket for this spooky event! We will accept as many walk ins as we can reasonably accomodate at the door. Please register each member of your party with their name and email address so that we can add them to our guest list for the night!

Disclaimer: Haunted library is a walk through haunted attraction and not suitable for young children. Haunted Library will include stairs, strobe lights, black lights, loud noises, water based fog, and periods of complete darkness. Please DO NOT attend if you have any type of health concerns, issues, or have physical difficulties. You assume all risk by entering the Haunted Library. A separate, kid friendly event will be held on October 25.

Friday, October 18, 2019
8:45pm - 9:15pm
Marion County Public Library
  Adult Event     Teen Event  
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Event Organizer

Christian Cox

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